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Retractable Window Screens

Cascade & Incognito2 Retractable Window Screens

retractable window screens
Incognito2 - Retractable Window Screen

The Cascade Retractable Window Screen is designed for use with vinyl windows and can be installed on the interior or exterior of the window frames.  The patented Genius Brake System provides a controlled retraction speed.  The mechanical latching system offers secure and easy operation of the screen.  Optional screen mesh fabrics are available.

The Incognito2 Retractable Window Screen is a fully integrated retractable screen, designed specifically for wood framed windows.  As the name implies, this retractable screen is virtually undetectable.

The screen components are covered in a real wood veneer that can be painted or stained to match the finish of your window frame.  The wood veneer species are available in Pine, Fir, Alder and Mahogany.  Better Vue, low visibility insect screen mesh is standard with the Incognito2 window screens.

              Pine                                Fir                              Alder                       Mahogany


                                       Incognito2 Window Screens Wood Species

Incognito2 Window Screens
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