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Genius Sheer and ZigZag (Pleated) Retractable Screens

Genius sheer classic retractable screen door
Genius pleated sheer screen Retractable screen doors

The Genius Sheer Pleated Screens are durable screens that can stop in any position when moved across the opening and bi-fold neatly back when retracted and not in use.  The low profile bottom track is wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant and is available for flat or sloped thresholds.

The Sheer Screens are an excellent solution for single entry doors, double French doors or for Bi-folding doors, window walls and larger panoramic openings.  This elegant screen system has a pleated screen fabric with Kevlar horizontal tension cords, which provide additional rigidity to the screen fabric.

The Genius ZigZag1 Pleated Retractable Screen is a single panel screen systems for larger openings such as Bi-folding doors or Multi-sliding doors and larger panoramic openings.  The ZigZag1 can be opened from either side of the opening or can slide from side to side across the entire opening and provides an unobstructed view through the opening.

The Genius ZigZag2 Pleated Retractable Screens are for wider openings that cannot be accommodated with a ZigZag1 Screen System.  This is a two panel screen system with a magnetic latching system that meets in the center of the opening.

pleated retractable screens for bi-folding doors
Genius zigzag retractable screen for bi-folding doors
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