Retractable Screens for Doors,
Windows and Large Openings


Retractable screens are becoming popular installations in contemporary homes. The modern designs of retractable screens fit easily with the style and design of most doors and windows. If you want to install these add-ons, make sure that you choose brands that use modern technology and top-quality materials.

Nevada Retractable Screens is a proud supplier and installer of the Genius retractable screen brand. Our clients will benefit from Genius’ long-lasting screens, get ultimate protection from pests and inclement weather, and enjoy the aesthetic boost that these screens provide. Moreover, the revolutionary technology used in our retractable screen systems makes them easy-to-use, versatile, and unobtrusive. They virtually disappear and blend in the background, so the beauty of your door or window frame will not be compromised. These innovative screening solutions are a must-have installation in every Nevada home.

Call us today at (775) 782-0047 and let us enhance the look of your home or office with our revolutionary and patented retractable screen technology. We serve clients from Minden, Lake Tahoe, and other cities in Nevada.

Anti Wind Brushpile

Innovative Technology

The retractable screens that we offer and install are durable, versatile, exquisitely designed, and made with innovative technology. In fact, they are the most sought-after retractable screens in North America today. Genius’ product lines feature recess mount and safety designs, adjustable handles, top-and-bottom insect piling, stainless steel spring, a rust-proof magnetic seal, and powder-coated sheer finishes.

Other salient features that make the Genius Screens brand stand out from competition:

  • Anti-wind brush pile. Located inside the B-Inside rails, the anti-wind brush pile works so that the stiff brush bristles will engage within the screen fabric holes as high-wind conditions affect the fabric. The anti-wind pile is easy to use and keeps unwanted creatures out, even in windy situations. Our anti-wind pile uses various lengths of brushes for each side, thus leaving a tiny gap in the center of the screen to glide smoothly and effortlessly without causing friction and compromising the seal.

  • Patented brake system. Available for window or door applications, the technology used on our patented brake system makes the Genius Screens brand stand out from the rest. This unique brake system controls the recoil speed that allows the screen to open and smoothly re-wind on its own without snapping shut. The brake is covered inside the screen housing so the screen’s appearance is similar to a screen without the brake.

Brake System

Top-quality Retractable Screens

At Nevada Retractable Screens, quality is very important to us. We carry only the finest retractable screens in the market to give clients like you optimum satisfaction. Here are some of the reasons why you should get the Genius brand:

  • They virtually disappear when not in use.
  • They give rooms an enhanced, aesthetic appearance.
  • The screen system uses a technology that prevents screen damage or accidental injuries.
  • The screens are protected from dirt and debris, ultra-violet rays, and foul weather conditions when not in use.
  • They can be custom cut according to your specifications.
  • The screen system is effective in keeping out bugs and pests.
  • They provide a complete, secure seal from top to bottom.
  • The screen effortlessly and smoothly glides within the rails, so there is no need for rollers or wheels to fix replace or lubricate.
  • They allow uninterrupted views of your outdoor spaces.

So what are you waiting for? Talk to us today and let Nevada Retractable Screens provide you all these benefits and more with our top-quality retractable screens.